Safety / Compliance

Safety is #1 at Continental Express.? Russell L. Gottemoeller, President 

Continental Express makes safety a #1 priority.  The goal in our Safety Department is to prevent any and accidents, regardless of the severity.  We provide our drivers with the following tools and training programs so that we can successfully maintain a safe fleet and workplace.

Orientation:  The importance of safety and the use of safety precautions is stressed on day one at Continental Express.  All of our professional drivers are required to participate in a multiple day orientation training, much of which focuses on general safety procedures and the safety policies which are specifically implemented at Continental.  All new drivers are required to pass an internal road safety test.

Safety Meetings:  Our Safety Department holds weekly, monthly and annual safety meetings.  These meetings refresh drivers about the company?s safety policies and procedures and they provide safety up-dates and safety tips.  These meetings are just another example of Continental Express?s strong commitment to safety.

Post Accident Retraining: Drivers who are involved in an accident receive additional training to reduce future problems.  These drivers receive one-on-one training from a representative of our safety department.  Company drivers are also disciplined and subject to discharge depending upon the fault and severity of the accident.

Safety Messages: The Continental Express safety department sends out a safety message every morning Monday through Friday to remind drivers to make smart decisions and to constantly keep safety a number one priority. 

Performance Recognition: Continental Express drivers are recognized for their individual safety performance.  Drivers are specifically recognized for the number of miles they drive accident free.  These drivers are recognized at a company safety meeting.  Typically, those who drive one million miles accident free are awarded with a vacation to a destination of his or her choice and a monetary bonus. 

Whistle Blower Program: Continental Express has a whistle-blower program that encourages company drivers to report other company drivers who perform unsafe or illegal activities.  These drivers can anonymous report this conduct to the company Safety Department.  With this information, Continental Express can appropriately address the situation.

If you encounter a Continental Express driver performing unsafe or illegal actions, please immediately report the conduct to the Continental Express Safety Department at 1-800-497-2100.