Committed to Providing Personal and Individual Service

Continental Express Goes The Extra Mile

Continental Express is here to provide value, efficiency, and solutions for your business.  Whether you are looking for the guaranteed professional delivery of your over-the-road refrigerated freight or for a company you can count on to deliver your temperature-sensitive product day-in and day-out on a dedicated route, Continental Express is here for you.  Continental Express will go the extra mile to ensure that your product is delivered safely, professionally and in a timely manner.  Since 1984, Continental Express has been committed to being a full-service logistics company that provides only the highest service level in the industry. 

Continental Express has consistently grown for the last 30 years.  Continental Express?s success is a reflection of the company?s lasting commitment to providing high-quality logistic services to many nationally and globally recognized customers with whom Continental Express has built long-term relationships.  Experience, superior service, and competitive pricing have earned Continental Express a reputation as one of the leading transportation and full-service logistics companies in the industry. 

Why we can go the extra mile for you?

         Experience- We have the experience you are looking for. For 30 years Continental Express has demonstrated its ability to successfully provide quality truck-load deliveries and total logistics services.  We hire only qualified drivers who truly are professionals.    

            Superior Service ? Superior service means being efficient and reliable in all that we do.  We expect these qualities from everyone who plays a part on the Continental Express team, and as a result, we provide our customers with the same quality service. 

Our job is to make your business more efficient.  We worry about transporting your product so that you don?t have to. You have the capability to track your load on our website.  This allows you to determine the real-time status of your load without ever picking up the telephone.

We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, including holidays, which provides us with the capability to be reliable and to handle your freight needs.  Approximately 98% of our loads arrive on schedule.  We have multiple terminals throughout the South and Midwest, which further supports our superior service model.

    State-of-the-Art Technology- We understand the value in equipping ourselves with the most state-of-the-art technology.  Following are just some of our technological capabilities, which allows us to provide you with the service level you deserve:

o   Our trailers are equipped with StarTrak?s ReeferTrak? technology;

o   Our tractors are equipped with Omnitracs software;

o   Our tractors are equipped with GPS units;

o   Our tractors are equipped with mobileye? units

o   Our drivers have the option to utilize our E-Logs program;

o   You have the option to use our Internet Load Tracking program through our website;

o   You have the option to use our Internet Proof of Delivery program through our website.

            Adaptability - Because we are not just a truckload carrier, but a full service logistics provider, we have the ability to adapt our organization to meet your needs.  We will work with you if you require specialized dispatch procedures, billing formats, or if you have any other requirements

            Quality Equipment -All of our tractors and trailers are in excellent condition.  You will not have to worry about late shipments due to a truck breaking-down on the side of a road somwhere. We regularly replace and service all of our equipment.

           Environmentally Friendly- Promoting a strong economy and a healthier environment is extremely important to us.  We are partners with the Environmental Protection Agency?s SmartWay Transport program, which proves our commitment to transporting our freight in the most efficient and environmentally friendly manner possible. We also have hybrid technology and are recognized as an Ohio Green Fleet.

            Competitive Pricing- We can offer you all of the foregoing benefits while maintaining a very competitive pricing structure. 


"A transportation company that recognizes you, the customer, are our livelihood!"  Russell L. Gottemoeller, President