Jessica - 24 from Salt Lake City,Utah

  Jessica is 24 years old and teams with her father.  Jessica joined Continental because her father said CE is the best company he has ever worked for.  ?I like how everyone at CE knows me by name; I?m not just a number, like I would be at a really big company,? said Jessica.  ?Continental is a fair company and management does not take advantage of me.  The company is also amazing with maintenance.  I love how my truck gets worked on every week, and if my truck has a problem when I am out on the road, it is fixed that same week.?  Jessica also explained that she joined trucking because she is an ?independent girl? and likes that she can ?take care of herself? in this business.









Brian  - 25 from Myrtle Beach,SC 

  Brian is 25 years old and a former diesel mechanic in the United States Navy. Brian joined the trucking industry because when he was in the Navy he worked on refrigeration units and always imagined driving. Prior to joining the CE team, Brian also worked for a much larger carrier, but he said that, ?Continental is the best. They care about their drivers. It?s personal at Continental and you?re not just a truck number. I like the smaller company.? Brian also explained that there is a ?big scare? from the younger generation to join trucking, but he finds his career ?fun and exciting.? ?Trucking keeps my mind focused,? said Brian. ?I like that as a truck driver at Continental Express, I can be in control, be my own boss and learn something new every day.?







Rick  - 15 years of service, from Wapakoneta, Ohio

     Rick has been driving a truck at Continental for 15 years. Rick said he has stayed at CE for 15 years because ?the money is good and the people treat me right. If I have a problem, the people at Continental will help me out. They are so flexible.? Rick also explained that he has found it rewarding to watch Continental grow into the company it is today. ?If I had another 20 years of trucking in me, I would be here. I don?t have one negative thing to say about Continental."










Armando  - 8 years of service from Warsaw, Indiana

     Armando has been driving a truck at Continental for 8 years. Armando said that ?he has fallen in love with the company. Not only is the pay good and the people treat me right and fair, but CE has great equipment, newer trucks and excellent maintenance.? Armando has 3 teenage children and he explained that ?Continental works with me to get me the home time I need.? Armando also explained that he had a personal issue while working for the company, but Continental gave him a ?second chance? and he is ?thankful for that.? ?I want to retire here,? said Armando.










John & Angela  - Husband and Wife Team from Danville, Virginia

     John and Angela work as an over-the-road husband and wife team for Continental. ?I am very happy with the people I regularly interact with. They are easy to work with. They brighten my day when I?m maybe having a bad day. I don?t always get my way, but the majority of the time they make us very happy,? said John. Angela added that, ?the people are awesome. They take care of us.? John and Angela also explained that they ?get great miles? at Continental and the company ?really takes care of their equipment.? Both agreed, ?It?s the best company we?ve ever worked for!?









Fred - 28 Years of service

     Fred has been a driver with Continental Express for 28 years and lives in Minster, OH. Before driving for Continental Express, Fred was an egg farmer. He is very proud of what he does and is even more proud that he has put four of his seven children through college with this profession. Fred has a strong work ethic and thinks that drivers can make a good living, but must be willing to work hard.

    He admits that driving is hard on the family life at times, but says it has been worth it. Fred's ultimate goal is to pay off his house and believes he will accomplish this with his earnings.